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This stunning subspecies is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain in Australia. We are without a doubt the largest breeders of them in Australia and we have unrelated lines that date back to the imports. Some of our breeders are over 25 years of age. The biggest threat to this subspecies in Australia is the interbreeding between the subspecies eg buru x molucann , this creates muddied offspring . Unknowingly people buy these birds, thinking they are pure . and in many cases on selling them or on selling the young into the avicultural market.

The first step to successfully breeding Lories is obtaining healthy compatible pairs. If you're interested in inquiring about availability or purchasing some of our stock, whether it be single birds or unrelated pairs or if your just after some more advice on this species feel free to give us a call. Tracey 0448922492

Buru's are a smaller bird than a Moluccan, on maturity they are a maroon red from the shoulders down, they carry more blue than the Moluccan and are more of a challenge to breed.

We have had multiple pairs of Buru's lay with fertility at two years of age but it often  takes another season for them to raise confidently.

Buru Red Lory

( Eos Borneo cyanonothus )