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Yellow Backed Chattering Lory

Species that we breed and sell 

All Pictures are of our own birds

Black Lory

Black Lories are an impressive larger Lory that make a beautiful affectionate pet or an amazing, unusual addition to any aviary collection .

Blue Breasted Black Capped Lory

Blue Breasted Black Cappeds lories are larger than the Red Breasted. They are relatively easy to breed but finding pure birds is extremely difficult. 

Buru Red Lory

Smaller than the nominate species, with a red head, maroon body and vibrant blue on the wings, these little beauties are scarce in Aviculture and can be quite challenging to breed successfully.

Moluccan Red Lory

Moluccan Red Lories are a great introductory species for those keen to breed exotic Lories. They are energetic, make great pets are relatively quiet compared to other Lory species

Yellow Streaked Lory

Yellow Streaked Lories are an extremely pretty Lory, photos really don't do them justice because its hard to capture the colours that are displayed under the wings and in the tail when fanned. 

Red Breasted Black Capped Lory

We love our PURE red breasted black capped lories, we have been breeding them since the imports. At that time we acquired multiple pure lines from the importers and we still have some of those original birds.


We are very proud of our Derbyans. Our lines originated from zoo imports and we have maintained robust size in our birds, whereas many others on the market appear to be lacking this quality.

Yellow backed chattering lory

We have amazing yellow backed chattering lories, we have worked on this species since the original imports in the mid 90s. Always mindful to keep the large yellow back patch which they are known for.

African Grey

African Greys are considered to be at the top of the tree when it comes to companion parrots.  Although this doesn't mean they are the best companion parrot suited for your home because they are high maintenance and very demanding. 

Eclectus hen

We have been breeding Eclectus since 1988, They are a species that are dear to us. They are a very popular pet in Australia and also breed all year round.

Yellow winged Amazon

Stunning, hardy, amazing talkers without the emotional sensitivity of an African grey. 

Blue Moustache
Blue Moustache

A gorgeous mutation that are hardy , low maintenance and relatively quiet as parrots go.

The following will link you to pages on our dedicated Macaw website at

Green-winged macaw

The gentle giants of the Macaw world. A well raised greening makes a tremendous large companion pet. Its important that they are harness trained and fully weaned before purchase otherwise you are setting yourself up for future behavioural issues.

Scarlet Macaw

Scarlets are  visually captivating 

Catalina Macaw

A touch of Scarlet with a Blue and Gold and you get the amazing Catalina Macaw

Camelot Macaws 
Camelot Macaw

The first Camelot we bred is the much sought after Yellow Dominant . He is a stunning bird and the first one to become a free flyer in Australia

Yellow Collared Macaws 
Yellow collared macaw

Mini Macaws are a great alternative for those that don't have the room for a large macaw but still want all the "macaw characteristics"

This is a highly intelligent species of Macaw

Blue and Gold Macaw

The clowns of the Macaw world and due to affordability and supply they are the most popular of the large Macaws as a pet, worldwide

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