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Moluccan Red Lories
Eos bornea

Moluccan Red Lory
Moluccan Red Lory
Moluccan Red Lory
Moluccan Red Lory
Moluccan Red Lory
Young Moluccan Red Lory
Moluccan Red Lory
Moluccan Red Lory

The Moluccan Red Lory is the nominate species, they are endemic to the Moluccan 
They are a medium sized Lory with vibrant red and blue plumage. Its worth noting that the young visually carry more blue until they mature. 

Moluccan's are a great introductory species to breeding exotic lories, they are relatively hardy and easy to maintain. All our birds are pure to their subspecies, we do not hybridise  among the subspecies or with another genus. We find them easy to breed in captivity and many of our offspring have gone on to successfully reproduce as early as 2 years of age.

Out of all of our lories, these would have to be one of the most playful species. They are highly intelligent , very sweet natured, inquisitive, theatrical and make outstanding pets or aviary birds. It is these characteristics that make them sought after.  

​We believe in enabling a bird to have the best possible immune system hence all our offspring are either parent started or aviary raised, subsequently they receive the crop and gut flora from the parents.

The first step to successfully breeding Lories is obtaining  healthy compatible pairs. If you're interested in enquiring about availability or purchasing some of our stock, whether it be single birds or unrelated pairs or if you're just after some more advice on this species,


call Craig on  0476056221

We freight Australia wide at buyers expense and always guarantee DNA sexing and that the birds will arrive in good health

We are currently sexing 2021 bred birds and we should have some stunning 12 month old, unrelated pairs available soon


Video's of some of our Moluccan Red Lories

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