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Psittacula Derbiana

Derbyan pair
Derbyan Cockbird
Derbyan Hen
Derbyan Cockbird
Derbyan Cockbird
Derbyan Cockbird

Derbyans are a threatened species in their homeland. . Once they are gone from Aviculture in Australia we will never get them back.

The first step to successfully breeding Derbyans is obtaining  healthy compatible pairs. If you're interested in enquiring about availability or purchasing some of our stock, whether it be single birds or unrelated pairs or if you're just after some more advice on this species, feel free to give us a call


Craig  0476056221

We freight Australia wide at buyers expense and always guarantee DNA sexing and that the birds will arrive in good health.

Sold out - Nothing Currently Available


Video's of some of our Derbyans

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