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Congo African Greys
Psittacus erithacus

African Grey babies
African Grey
African Grey
African Grey
African Grey
African Grey
African Grey
African Grey
African Grey
African Grey

Congo African Greys (CAG's) are regarded as one of the most intelligent parrots in the world. They are a bundle of energy and their ability to mimic sounds and master speech is astounding.

These parrots are not for everyone as they are a huge commitment and it doesn't suit their makeup to take a backseat in your life. In the right environment their personalities will shine, they will want to be part of everything you do and they will make their presence known by there comical antics if they are not included. If a CAG is bored or stressed it may result in plucking behaviour.
On the whole they are affectionate, captivating and make incredible
lifelong companions. Make sure you are prepared to fall in love, before you invite an African Grey into your house

Our baby Grey's are parent started, this enables them to obtain the appropriate crop flora and robust immune system that only the parents can supply. They are then lovingly hand raised in a family environment on a premium hand raising formula, weaned on soaked seed, pellets, grains, fresh fruit, nuts  and vegetables, well socialised and harness trained.

African Grey's require more sunlight than the average parrot to aid in the conversion of vitamin D to its active form.

We believe quality is the most important aspect to be considered when purchasing a parrot.
We offer
ongoing support with all our babies.

If you are interested in inquiring further about the availability of  our hand raised baby African Grey's  

you can

Call Tracey on  0448 922492 

Baby African Grey

All  Currently Sold Out - Enquire for 2023 - 2024 breeding season


Videos of some of our African Grey babies

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