Blue Breasted Black capped Lory

Blue Breasted Black capped lory
Blue Breasted Black capped lory

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An absolutely stunning larger sized lory with bold contrasting colours of red, blue, black and green.

We have found this species  to be hardy and easy to breed in captivity. They generally lay two eggs per clutch and can breed all year round.

We believe in enabling a bird to have the best possible immune system hence all our stock are either parent started or aviary raised so they can obtain the crop and gut flora from the parents.

They are an active bird that will benefit from a source of natural enrichment  eg. gum branches. casurina branches , bottle brush  or grevillia. They will also  enjoy access to a bathing source either a bowl of water or mist sprays. A chain hanging from the roof of an aviary will be utilized as a swing and give them hours of entertainment and enjoyment.

Video's of some of our Blue Breasted Black Capped Lories